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  1. Posted by tanyapenmetcha, — Reply

    Try more balanced meals! Most of these meals are mainly carbohydrates. WHile carbs are great for you, you need some protein and fat too. So put nuts and seeds in your oatmeal, and include beans and stuff at every meal

  2. Posted by porqqqsoda, — Reply

    try to make sure you have protein in each meal ! a fruit salad probably wont keep you full until lunch.

  3. Posted by sarahfrazier3390, — Reply

    Another good one is peanut butter banana toast

  4. Posted by el_sog, — Reply

    Smoothies are another great option for bfast!

  5. Posted by mookakitchen, — Reply

    Soooooo Goood 😜 Thanks my Friend

  6. Posted by leafysouls, — Reply


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