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Spread the love Meaningful Small Tattoo Patterns A decent tattoo is like a piece of jewelry, making your body shining. The tattooist JonBoy, who made many stars also wanted to make an appointment, specially made small tattoos. No matter where you want to pattern, JonBoy’s works are worth learning from. You can make small tattoos on your wrist. When you lift your hands and hold your sleeves casually, you will show a delicate and concise picture. The small tattoos can be a small flower, a string of meaningful words and a paper crane praying, which all represent your attitude towards life. Some of the couples and love birds would like to ink tattoos on their bodies, showing their love to each other. Tattoos represent one’s personality and belief. Tattoos originate from the custom of decoration and skin of primitive tribes around the world. Three to four hours after finishing the tattoos, clean the part of the tattoos with warm water. Use bath liquid, then dry it with a sanitary towel. Keep it dry and clean it everyday.


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